• Pesepter version 1.0.0

    I just published version 1.0.0 of my Pesepter program. This is a password generator. Its advantage is that it works locally. The program does not connect to the requested server. The password is known only to the person who generated it on their computer. The program is available for download from SourceForge: https://pesepter.sourceforge.io

  • [PowerShell] A backup script

    I once heard the saying that people are divided into two types: those who backup and those who will backup. Everyone who has lost their data certainly understands this saying. To avoid this situation, I back up my folders from time to time. To automate it a bit I created a simple script in powershell.

  • Silicone mat for soldering

    The hot-air soldering station is already almost standard equipment in the electronics workshop. To use it safely, the environment must be well protected from high temperature air. One such protection is a silicone mat recently bought by me.

  • Local Redmine installation

    Work on the project is inseparably connected with work on various tasks. To facilitate your work on them, it is worth having a tool that will facilitate task management. One of such tools is Redmine. Many engineers in their work met with Redmine. They have become accustomed to this tool and would also like to use it in home projects. Redmine is server software. So either we need to look for someone who will make Redmine available to others (usually a paid option), or to buy hosting and install it there (we have to pay for hosting), or install it locally on the computer. Because we are talking about home…

  • Import SPICE model into TINA TI.

    One of the most popular programs for simulating electronic circuits is PSPICE. Most manufacturers of electronic components do not have their own simulation programs. But in order to facilitate the work of engineers, they provide PSPICE models of their products. Fortunately, we are not limited only to PSPICe. In this post I will show you how to import PSPICE models into TINA TI.

  • [TINA-TI] Sweeping parameters.

    One of the incredible advantages of electronic circuit simulation programs is the ability to see how our circuit will behave when we change the parameter of an element in a circuit. And it’s even better if we can see on one chart the circuit response to different values of this element’s parameter. Let’s see how it is done in TINA-TI.