WaveDrom- presentation of digital timing diagram

I would like to present a tool to help you present digital waveforms. This tool is WaveDrom. It is an online tool that generates the appearance of digital waveforms using a special language.

How to start?

First, we go to the website: https://wavedrom.com.

At the top we have the “Editor” link, after which we go to the right page with the option of editing the appearance and description of the digital waveform.

We immediately get a sample code with a preview of it:

Actually, at this point we can start editing our code. We don’t have to register anywhere. The changes are automatically made in the preview below the code edition.

To save the image and be able to put it in your documents later, it’s best to do printscreen (Windows: Win + Shift + S, select the waveform area and save the file to disk as * .jpg)

Language syntax

I will not elaborate on the syntax of the language here, because it is very rich. Getting to know each other is very easy – experiment! The preview is instant, so learning in this way is very easy. Alternatively, a tutorial with description and examples is available:


WaveDrom is a simple and very useful tool. Whether it’s for creating reports, presentations, notes or instructions. I recommend this tool.