Manual dispenser for soldering pastes.

In the soldering process, fluxes or pastes are often used, which are sold in syringes. It is a convenient packaging as it facilitates accurate dosing. But sometimes it is difficult to accurately dose by quantity, especially with thick flux-based solder pastes.

In professional applications, pneumatic automatic dispensers are used to dispense the right amount from the syringe. But such devices are expensive, so it is not profitable to use them by hobbyists or small businesses.

And it is for such non-professional applications that I recommend the manual dispenser.

Manual dispenser.

I bought my manual dispenser on a Chinese auction site. It cost me $ 7.64 with shipping.

It is a very simple device. By turning the screw, we twist the plunger deeper, precisely regulating the amount of squeezed paste from the syringe. Due to the thread, a certain amount of paste can be squeezed out exactly.

The flaw.

My copy had a certain flaw. Its plunger tip was crookedly seated on the bolt:

Fortunately, I was able to repair my copy with a hammer 🙂


After fixing the fault, I am very happy with this tool and recommend it to anyone who solders.