• OpenScope MZ

    Recently I became the owner of Digilent’s OpenScope MZ measuring board. Every electronics, whether amateur or professional, needs to measure different electrical values. Sometimes it needs to generate a waveform at a given frequency. And even if he is a professional, he does not always need professional oscilloscopes or generators for such things. Sometimes simpler solutions are enough. For such solutions, in my opinion, it is the Open Scope MZ.

  • Encoder – how to use it?

    Most devices communicate with users in some way. Sometimes it is a blinking LED. Sometimes displaying a message on the display. Sometimes it is a requirement to press a button. And another time you turn the knob of the potentiometer. Another way to communicate with the user is the encoder. What is an encoder? The external appearance is similar to the potentiometer. And it is very easy to confuse him. However, his principle of operation is completely different. So how does an encoder work? In a very simplified way, this picture shows: In the figure, we see only a piece of the encoder. We see two circles (A and B)…