• Encoder – how to use it?

    Most devices communicate with users in some way. Sometimes it is a blinking LED. Sometimes displaying a message on the display. Sometimes it is a requirement to press a button. And another time you turn the knob of the potentiometer. Another way to communicate with the user is the encoder. What is an encoder? The external appearance is similar to the potentiometer. And it is very easy to confuse him. However, his principle of operation is completely different. So how does an encoder work? In a very simplified way, this picture shows: In the figure, we see only a piece of the encoder. We see two circles (A and B)…

  • The Low-Layer (LL) Library from ST

    By programming ST microcontrollers, you could now use the HAL, SPL (Standard Peripherals Library), or work on registers. But recently there has been a new opportunity.These are the Low Layer drivers. The Low Layer (LL) drivers are designed to offer a fast light – weight expert – oriented layer which is closer to the hardware than the HAL. Now I will show you how to start using the LL with CubeMX. Not all microcontrollers are supported. ST started to support the Cortex-M0 + family. For this family I will show an example.