• LTspice – any waveform voltage source.

    During simulation, sometimes we need a voltage source with a specific waveform. LTspice gives us the ability to create a text file with waveform values and then load it into the voltage source as a PWL file. Here’s how to do it.

  • Manual dispenser for soldering pastes.

    In the soldering process, fluxes or pastes are often used, which are sold in syringes. It is a convenient packaging as it facilitates accurate dosing. But sometimes it is difficult to accurately dose by quantity, especially with thick flux-based solder pastes. In professional applications, pneumatic automatic dispensers are used to dispense the right amount from the syringe. But such devices are expensive, so it is not profitable to use them by hobbyists or small businesses. And it is for such non-professional applications that I recommend the manual dispenser.

  • Determination of measurement accuracy of a digital meter.

    Each electronics specialist uses a universal meter. It is an available and very helpful tool in everyday work. Analog versions have practically been replaced by digital versions. Unfortunately, many people have a problem with the correct estimation of the measurement error. Therefore, I will show on the example of my meter how to do it.

  • Pesepter version 1.0.0

    I just published version 1.0.0 of my Pesepter program. This is a password generator. Its advantage is that it works locally. The program does not connect to the requested server. The password is known only to the person who generated it on their computer. The program is available for download from SourceForge: https://pesepter.sourceforge.io

  • [PowerShell] A backup script

    I once heard the saying that people are divided into two types: those who backup and those who will backup. Everyone who has lost their data certainly understands this saying. To avoid this situation, I back up my folders from time to time. To automate it a bit I created a simple script in powershell.

  • Silicone mat for soldering

    The hot-air soldering station is already almost standard equipment in the electronics workshop. To use it safely, the environment must be well protected from high temperature air. One such protection is a silicone mat recently bought by me.

  • Local Redmine installation

    Work on the project is inseparably connected with work on various tasks. To facilitate your work on them, it is worth having a tool that will facilitate task management. One of such tools is Redmine. Many engineers in their work met with Redmine. They have become accustomed to this tool and would also like to use it in home projects. Redmine is server software. So either we need to look for someone who will make Redmine available to others (usually a paid option), or to buy hosting and install it there (we have to pay for hosting), or install it locally on the computer. Because we are talking about home…