Problem with PICKit3 (Connection Failed)

I bought myself recently a kit from Microchip ( DV164131). The kit consists of a PICKit3 programmer and a evaluation board with PIC18F45K20 microcontroller

I download MPLAB X IDE v. 3.65. But when I wanted to program a microcontroller, I got a failed message:

The status LED on the programmer turned red. I downloaded the program “PICKit 3 Programmer Aplication” from here. As standard I installed as any other program on my computer. Once installed, I launched it and chose it: Tools -> Revert to MPLAB Mode (when the programmer was connected to a PC).

After that I tried to upload the compiled soft to the microcontroller on MPLAB, but I got this message:

I chose: File -> Project Properties -> PICKit3 -> Option categories -> Power and match box “Power target circuit from PICKit3”, because my eval board  didn’t have external supply. After this, after trying to upload the software I saw a message:

And my eval board came to life.