The Low-Layer (LL) Library from ST

By programming ST microcontrollers, you could now use the HAL, SPL (Standard Peripherals Library), or work on registers. But recently there has been a new opportunity.These are the Low Layer drivers. The Low Layer (LL) drivers are designed to offer a fast light – weight expert – oriented layer which is closer to the hardware than the HAL. Now I will show you how to start using the LL with CubeMX. Not all microcontrollers are supported. ST started to support the Cortex-M0 + family. For this family I will show an example.

First we start new project. We choose the Cortex-M0 + family and the target microcontroller. I chose the STM32L011D3.

Then we press “Start Project”.After that we will see a window:

Click on the PB9 pin and select GPIO_Input:

Click the icon “Generate source code based on user settings”, and go to “Advanced Settings”:

Select the peripheral we are interested in and from the drop down list select “LL”:

Then click “Ok”, and proceed as you would with the project containing the HAL libraries. After projecting the design, the peripherals chosen by us as LL will be handled by the new library.