32F746GDISCOVERY – programming of demo software

A few years ago, ST released a very successful discovery series. It’s exactly about the 32F746GDISCOVERY board. This board was very richly equipped with peripherals. The demo software provided with the board is also interesting.

However, we buy the board to write our own software. But with time, we would like to come back to the demo version, to at least test the peripherals on the board. However, if we download the software from the ST page and try to upload, we will get an error:

So how to do it?

Correct uploading demo software to the board 32F746GDISCOVERY

At the beginning we download the demo version of the software from the ST website.

After downloading and unpacking the files, we run the STM32 ST-LINK Utility. Click “Open file” and open the file from the path: \ STM32Cube_FW_F7_V1.12.0 \ Projects \ STM32746G-Discovery \ Demonstration \ STemWin \ Binaries \ STM32746G-DISCO_Demo_V1.4.0.hex. And now the most important thing: before programming, we must select the External Loader menu and then Add External Loader. Then select the option N25Q128A_STM32F746G-DISCO from the list.

After that, we click on Validate and we can program the board.

As we can see, the software has uploaded correctly.