TINA-TI – adding an element model to the schema.

I wrote about how to add elements to the schematic in LTSpice in this article: https://sigaris-electronics.eu/2018/11/ltspice-adding-an-element-model-to-the-schema/ . In this post I will describe how to add an element in Tina-TI from the official model from Texas Instruments.

Why add a TI element if it is already added in the program?

This is a very good question. But there is a simple answer to them: some already added elements contain errors. To be able to simulate, we need to add them from the official model from the TI website. Take, for example, the OPA551 amplifier. Let’s try to make a simple simulation using the already loaded model.

Now let’s try to simulate the circuit. For this purpose, in TINA-TI, select the menu: Analysis -> AC Analysis -> AC Transfer Characteristic… or press the key combinations Ctrl + Alt + A. And what will we see? Error.

To get rid of the error, we have to add an element from the model from the TI website.

Adding elements to TINA-TI.

We enter the Texas Instruments website and find the item we are looking for. In my case it will be an OPA551 amplifier.

Then go to the “Tools & software” tab and click on the “OPA551 TINA-TI Spice Model (Rev A)” link. Thus, we will start downloading the file “sbom289a.zip”.

After unpacking the file, we will see a folder named “OPA551_TINA_AIO”. And there are 3 files in it:

  • OPA551.LIB
  • OPA551.TLD
  • OPA551.TSM

We are interested in the OPA551.TSM file. Now go to TINA-TI and choose: Insert -> Macro … (Ctrl+M).

Next, we indicate the OPA551.TSM file that we have downloaded and click Open.

After that, we add the model to the diagram and replace the previously added symbol that generated the error. And let’s try to run the analysis again (Ctrl + Alt + A).

After the substitution no error occurs during the analysis.