[TINA-TI] Sweeping parameters.

One of the incredible advantages of electronic circuit simulation programs is the ability to see how our circuit will behave when we change the parameter of an element in a circuit. And it’s even better if we can see on one chart the circuit response to different values of this element’s parameter. Let’s see how it is done in TINA-TI.

Lets simulate the low-pass filter circuit:

When we choose the AC Transfer Characteristic (Ctrl+ Alt+ A) we will see:

And now let’s see how our filter will behave when we change the resistor values from 800 Ω , to 100 kΩ in 20 steps. First, click the icon “select control object”:

Then click the R1 rezystor. After that a new window will open:

Click “Select” button. A next new window will open:

In our example, we fill the parameters as follows:

Then press “OK” button. After that, we start again AC Transfer Characteristic. But this time we will see the whole “family” of characteristics.