Manual dispenser for soldering pastes.

In the soldering process, fluxes or pastes are often used, which are sold in syringes. It is a convenient packaging as it facilitates accurate dosing. But sometimes it is difficult to accurately dose by quantity, especially with thick flux-based solder pastes. In professional applications, pneumatic automatic dispensers are used to dispense the right amount from

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Determination of measurement accuracy of a digital meter.

Each electronics specialist uses a universal meter. It is an available and very helpful tool in everyday work. Analog versions have practically been replaced by digital versions. Unfortunately, many people have a problem with the correct estimation of the measurement error. Therefore, I will show on the example of my meter how to do it.

Silicone mat for soldering

The hot-air soldering station is already almost standard equipment in the electronics workshop. To use it safely, the environment must be well protected from high temperature air. One such protection is a silicone mat recently bought by me.