LTspice – adding an IC to the schematic.

In one of my initial posts on this blog, I wrote how to add simple element models as a diode or a transistor to a schematic in LTspice (LTspice – adding an element model to the schema). At first glance, adding a diode model is a simple task due to the fact that we already

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[TINA-TI] Sweeping parameters.

One of the incredible advantages of electronic circuit simulation programs is the ability to see how our circuit will behave when we change the parameter of an element in a circuit. And it’s even better if we can see on one chart the circuit response to different values of this element’s parameter. Let’s see how

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TINA-TI – adding an element model to the schema.

I wrote about how to add elements to the schematic in LTSpice in this article: . In this post I will describe how to add an element in Tina-TI from the official model from Texas Instruments.